Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Banner Making

On August 24, we completed our Banner for Ordinary Time

We had crews making leaves...

...and some making fruit

and some flowers and birds

Here's all the fibers laid out
 Now it's time to get to work.
First we had to carefully cover it so the fibers would stay in place
 mash all the air out
 pour on water and start rubbing
 and rubbing
a truly hands-on project
 all ages got involved in the rubbing

 and now it's time to roll
Each little section had to be rolled - hard! - for as long as it takes to sing one verse of "Michael rowed the boat ashore"
 roll and rub and wring out the excess water
 now the other way
Get your back into it!
 time to wring and squeeze

Now the fun part - throwing!

 it's a safe way to get out all your aggression :)

drum roll please...
 Ta-da!  The felted banner
 We dedicated the banner on August 31, 2014 during worship.  We pray that its beauty may enhance our worship.
Click on this link for an explanation of the symbolism in this banner from a previous post: