Monday, February 23, 2015

Hunger Banquet and Hunger Simulation

We had a great turn-out at our first Lenten Study on Hunger and Poverty
On Feb. 22 we had a Hunger Banquet, in which our meals represented hunger or plenty around the world.
Afterwards, we did a Hunger Simulation, in which participants took on the roles of people living in food insecurity and tried to procure enough food for their families for a week.
Both experiences were very eye-opening.

Filling out SNAP applications at the "Human Services Office"

Trying to calculate & buy food at the "grocery store"
Join us for our upcoming Studies, Sunday evenings in Lent, beginning with a meal at 5pm:
  • March 1 – What’s the Bible say about hunger and poverty?
  •  March 8 – What’s the true need, how do we know who’s truly needy, and what do we do?
  •  March 15 – Christian response
  • March 22 – Service Project
Or join us in a suggested Lenten discipline: fasting for one meal/week, and donating the money you would have spent on that meal to a cause to alleviate hunger.  We will be collecting this money on Sunday evenings, as well as Sunday mornings in the narthex.  The discipline of fasting, spending a few hours with the physical discomfort of being "hungry" and the mental and emotional toll that takes will hopefully remind us of what we're doing, as well as of Jesus' sacrifice, and may give us a greater drive to help alleviate hunger for all people for whom Christ died.
God bless us in our Lenten disciplines, that we may draw closer to Christ.

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