Monday, May 18, 2015

Summer Food Program

Help us fight hunger in our community.

This summer we will be participating in two projects to help the families of food insecure children in Watauga County.

1) One will be a High Country Lutheran Coalition joint ministry project to raise monetary donations to purchase supplies for food boxes.  We will pack these boxes together as a Coalition four times this summer.  Bethany's portion is to raise $500 (which is $16-20 per active family), which will be matched by an anonymous $500 donation, doubling our impact!

2) The other will be for food boxes which are assembled and distributed through Green Valley School (though the families assisted will come from all over the county).  For this, we are asking for pantry item donations.  Bethany has been assigned the following items (including breakdown of numbers per active family at Bethany, so you don't get overwhelmed):
Spaghetti Sauce, meat flavored: Need 90 jars = We're asking for 3-4 jars per family

Crackers: Need 90 boxes = 3-4 boxes per family

Green Beans: Need 180 cans = 6-7 cans per family

Toothpaste: Need 90 tubes = 3-4 tubes per family

Try to get donations in by June 14 (deadline can be extended, since these will be ongoing throughout the summer)

Need a shopping list/reminder to print off for these and the VBS donations?  Click here.

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