Thursday, June 23, 2016

Funeral and Burial Planning Workshop

Give your loved ones a gift.
Join us this Sunday, June 26
for a
Funeral and Burial Planning Workshop
Light breakfast at 9:30am, Workshop begins at 10:00am
Pictured: Our new urn pall (donated by Lois and Charlie Walker) and urn stand (made by Leroy Coffey - see stewardship definition below!) that are available to be used for funerals with cremated remains.

At this workshop, we will learn about the beauty and significance of the funeral service itself, some things to consider when planning for your funeral, and other end-of-life matters.

Then you will have the chance to begin making plans for your funeral, if you are ready.

You will also have the opportunity to fill out paperwork for the church to make your burial wishes known (where you want to be buried, or if you want to reserve a spot in the Columbarium).

There will be information to take home, as well as forms that will greatly help your family and loved ones at the time of your death.

Whatever your age, you will be doing your loved ones a favor by starting to think and plan for these things.  This is especially true if you are young and have never thought or talked much about these things.  It will truly be a gift to your family.

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