Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Donation Progress

Summer Food Boxes

 This is for the food boxes we will pack as a Coalition.  We have a matching gift of $500 if we can raise $500.

Pantry Items

Spaghetti Sauce with meat:

If every active family donates 3-4 jars, we'll have our goal!

Boxes of Crackers:

If every active family donates 3-4 boxes, we'll have our goal!


Cans of Green Beans:

If every active family donates 6-7 cans, we'll have our goal!

Tubes of Toothpaste:

If every active family donates 3-4 tubes, we'll have our goal!

Keep checking back for the latest numbers!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Summer Food Program

Help us fight hunger in our community.

This summer we will be participating in two projects to help the families of food insecure children in Watauga County.

1) One will be a High Country Lutheran Coalition joint ministry project to raise monetary donations to purchase supplies for food boxes.  We will pack these boxes together as a Coalition four times this summer.  Bethany's portion is to raise $500 (which is $16-20 per active family), which will be matched by an anonymous $500 donation, doubling our impact!

2) The other will be for food boxes which are assembled and distributed through Green Valley School (though the families assisted will come from all over the county).  For this, we are asking for pantry item donations.  Bethany has been assigned the following items (including breakdown of numbers per active family at Bethany, so you don't get overwhelmed):
Spaghetti Sauce, meat flavored: Need 90 jars = We're asking for 3-4 jars per family

Crackers: Need 90 boxes = 3-4 boxes per family

Green Beans: Need 180 cans = 6-7 cans per family

Toothpaste: Need 90 tubes = 3-4 tubes per family

Try to get donations in by June 14 (deadline can be extended, since these will be ongoing throughout the summer)

Need a shopping list/reminder to print off for these and the VBS donations?  Click here.

VBS Registration

Bethany and Grace Lutheran's Combined VBS
will be an adventure for the whole family
- not just the kids!

On Friday, June 26 and Saturday, June 27, we will be experiencing the story of the Exodus.
Those who wish to do so may camp out with us Friday night.
(If you don't wish to, you may go home to sleep and join us again Saturday morning.)

Please send in your Registration Form by June 14 (1 per family)
Download the Registration Form by clicking here.

Our Service Project for VBS will be assembling LWR School Kits (Lutheran World Relief)
Find out more about that and how you can contribute in this blog post (click here).

VBS Service Project

For our service project for VBS, we will be making 
School Kits for LWR (Lutheran World Relief)
We can get a better rate on bulk items if people give monetary donations.
Please submit your donations, marked VBS School Kits by June 14.
If you would like to donate items instead, please see this list, but note, LWR is very specific about what they will accept.  Please adhere to the guidelines.

Supplies needed for each kit:
·         4 (70-sheet) notebooks (may be wide- or college-ruled, measuring approx. 8x10.5”), NO loose leaf paper
·         1 (30-centimeter) ruler
·         1 pencil sharpener
·         1 blunt scissors (ie. Safety scissors with embedded steel blades)
·         5 unsharpened #2 pencils with erasers
·         5 black or blue ballpoint pens (NO gel ink)
·         1 box of crayons (16 or 24 count)
·         1   2½” eraser

·         Only NEW items in good condition, unless otherwise noted
·         No religious symbols, messages, or congregation’s name 
No U.S. flag, military symbols, references to armed forces, including camouflage

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Holy Week Reminders & Notes on the Easter Sunrise Vigil

Holy Week Services
  • Maundy Thursday Service with Holy Communion: April 2 at 7pm
  • Good Friday Tenebrae Service: - April 3 at 7pm

Easter Sunday - April 5
  • Easter Sunrise Vigil: 7:00am
  • Easter Egg Hunt: 8:10am
  • Easter Breakfast: 8:30am
  • Resurrection of our Lord with Holy Communion: 10:00am

  •  Notes about Easter Sunrise Vigil:
    • We begin this ancient liturgy outside (or in the basement) in darkness, gathered around a candle representing light - the first work of the Creator, the visible token of Christ, the Light of the world, who arose at Easter, shining as the dawning sun, conquering forever the dark night of sin.
    • Then, as Israel was led by a pillar of fire from slavery to freedom, so we, the church, will be led by a pillar of fire - the candle representing the light of Christ - into the sanctuary to hear how Christ rescued us from slavery to sin.
    • Once inside, we will hear the Easter Proclamation - a lengthy, but beautiful and ancient chant of praise, inviting first heaven, then earth, then the church and this congregation to join in the praise of God. This chant is one of our oldest surviving liturgies, dating back at least to the 7th century, and beautifully recalls the moment of our salvation - when Christ rose triumphant. And by repeating the phrase "This is the night:" mystically erases time, such that the events of that holy night are present once again. The chant itself invokes that deepest of mysteries, where, in the light of paradise, even the sin of Adam is regarded as truly necessary and a "happy fault" since it won for us so wonderful a Savior.
    • Then we will hear (and see) several readings which recount God's saving deeds throughout history, concluding with an account of the blessed Resurrection.
    • Up until this point, the church is still dark and bare. But during the hymn, the lights will come up, all of the paraments and candles and flowers will be brought in, and the altar dressed and ready for the celebration of our risen Lord's Supper, at 10am.

    If you wish, you may bring flowers to help flower our cross during the 10am service.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Holy Week & Easter Services

Holy Week Services
  • Palm/Passion Sunday:  March 29 at 11:00am
  • Maundy Thursday Service with Holy Communion:  April 2 at 7pm
  • Good Friday Tenebrae Service: - April 3 at 7pm
Easter Sunday - April 5
  • Easter Sunrise Vigil:  7:00am
  • Easter Egg Hunt:  8:10am
  • Easter Breakfast:  8:30am
  • Resurrection of our Lord with Holy Communion:  10:00am
Notes about Easter Sunday:
  • The Sunrise service will be a modified Vigil service this year.  We will gather at 7am, in darkness, and will recall God's saving action throughout history as told and staged by our kids, youth, and adults as we wait for the dawn to celebrate the light of Christ.
  • There is a sign-up sheet for the Easter Breakfast in the narthex
  • 10am  is the time for the late service will Holy Communion.  10am,  NOT  11!  If you wish, you may bring flowers to help flower our cross during this service.  (see the cross pictured above standing beside the doorway)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Flooring Project Complete

The big reveal!

 Thanks to everyone who helped with ALL aspects of this project.  It went very smoothly because of all the help we had at every stage.
Sanding Trim


Dusting top to bottom


Putting everything back together



Puzzle-piecing the pews back in order