Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Stewardship looks like a new banner storage system

"Stewardship" is defined on Wikipedia as "an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources."

Recently, we've been wanting to make better use of our space, and take better care of the things we have, in this case, our banners - all of which have been hand-made.  We have dreams of making more banners in the future, but just didn't have the space to store them.

A quick search on the internet showed that someone has invented a very nifty and space-efficient storage system for church banners, but the price was out of reach for a congregation this size.

BUT, we have MANY resources here, other than money!

With only a picture, a rough diagram, and verbal description to go by, thanks to the faithful stewards of Bethany, we now have the simply beautiful and functional storage system for our banners that we needed - at no cost to the church!  Check it out:

Bars swing out for easy access

Bars swing flat against the wall for maximum space efficiency - with no wrinkles!
A huge thank you to Cody Townsend for making this piece,
to our boys over at Triplett and Coffey Welding for donating the materials,
and to the History Committee for the idea and design!

We have a wealth of resources!  We are richly blessed.

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